Feasibility Plan

When starting out a new idea, it is vital to know if you are investing your time in a real opportunity. Many businesses start from dreams, the ideas of people who wish to one day do something different. But, not all ideas are worth pursuing, not all entrepreneurs are motivated by the right mix of ingredients to power them through the hard times and not all founders are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to succeed.

Value Capital aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs by testing their thesis through a rigorous feasibility course - testing assumptions of both the business idea and the founder's ability to execute. We will co-write with you a feasibility plan that will either become the cornerstone for your business plan or will stop you pursuing something before too much time or money is thrown at it.

This is one of the best value proposals you can buy. A small investment will either start you off on a journey better equipped to handle the road ahead or save you from making an expensive mistake.

Feasibility Plan
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Business Plan

Developing a plan of action is critical when starting a business. Many people often get so excited that they miss this step, often leading to problems or failure down the road.

A business plan is more than a marketing document. It is a guide for HOW the business will operate. Not just a list of the markets it will enter or why they are attractive but how this will be done, on a granular level - how will you get your first 5 customers, what is the differentiator, how will you manage cash flow, what happens if things don't go exactly as you hoped? 

It is vital that a business be prepared. A business plan will force the entrepreneur to think through all the small details of HOW when it is all too easy to get swept up in thinking about What and Why.

Lastly, getting investors on board without a business plan is very very hard. Investors need to know they are buying a vision as well as a team that can execute the vision and without a blueprint of how this vision will come to light, it will be hard to raise finance.

Get in touch with us and we can help. With over 12 years of investing experience, we know how business plan should look and can help you develop your vision into a exectional blueprint.


Investment Readiness

So you have your business plan ready, pitch decks all set up and you embark on the road to fundraising. Maybe your business is even operational and you have your first few customers or beta testers.

Despite it all looking good, many companies still fail to raise finance and end up closing down. One of the most common reason is that entrepreneurs fail to communicate effectively with investors. They don't know what investors are looking for and are unable to cultivate sufficient interest to successfully raise funds.

We can help.

We are experienced investors and can guide you through the pitfalls that curtail some entrepreneurs. Our knowledge and experience will guide you through presentations, pitch deck setup and follow up meetings, making sure you stay on point and always understand who you are pitching to and what they need to hear to achieve a favourable outcome.

Investment Readiness
from 499.00